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Agon: Who we are & what we're about

Founding a company that delivers exceptional solutions to the contact center, manufacturing, financial services and healthcare industries with an undeterred focus on customer satisfaction is at the core of what Agon does. Through years of grit and determination and a mindset of “small but mighty”, I have built a team with the same shared values. Excellence is in our DNA, the name Agon is a Greek term meaning “the spirit of competition, or a contest” and we have repeatedly established ourselves as a front-runner in our industry.  

As I reflect over the past few years, first and foremost, I want to thank our customers, partners and employees for their loyalty and support towards Agon over the years. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality services and solutions that meet and exceed your expectations at every step possible. 

As we embark upon this next phase of growth for 2024, my priority will be to work with my talented team to ensure that we are creating immense value to our customers to become their most preferred partner in the areas of AI Automation, App development & Custom Integrations, Products & Licensing, Implementation & Migration Services and Professional Services. I truly believe that Agon has enormous potential to grow, innovate, and impact the cloud migration and digital transformation needs of many industries.  

As I look forward to leading the company into a new era of success, I am reminded of what makes Agon stand out and why we are passionate about commitment to excellence. 


What makes Agon stands out? 

• We are creative and flexible in our approach 

• No cookie cutter solutions 

• Proven 99.99% timeline adherence  

• We build strong relationships  

• Enterprise level services with a personalized approach 


What does Agon stand for?  

• We treat customers honestly and fairly 

• Design well thought-out, reliable systems that increase productivity and reduce costs 

• Deliver on promises, be passionate about providing excellent customer service, and treat employees and vendors fairly 

We will continue to invest in cutting-edge technology, collaborate with our partners, and listen to your feedback to ensure that we are delivering the value that will help you excel in your respective areas of business.  


Thank you for your trust in Agon, and I look forward to continued success with our current and new customers. 

Frank Walpole, CEO & Founder


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