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AI Myths vs. Facts

Updated: Mar 25

Our goal as your trusted partner is to present the facts of what currently exists for AI in the contact center

MYTH: AI can think and understand like humans

FACT: AI operates based on algorithms and data patterns, but can’t actually think

MYTH: AI can learn and adapt on its own

FACT: AI systems can improve performance but must be taught new information

MYTH: AI is unbiased and objective

FACT: AI systems only know what they are told, inheriting bias from data and training 

MYTH: AI doesn't make mistakes like humans do

FACT: AI systems can make errors and require training and feedback to improve

MYTH: AI is easy to implement and will solve anything

FACT: AI solutions are often very specific and may require extensive training

Let the AI experts at Agon help you navigate through the complexities of implementing AI in your business.  Contact us today for more information


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